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Practical Debt Relief was founded with the goal of helping individuals and families gain control of their personal finances. At Practical Debt Relief we work FOR YOU, not the creditors. With a management team that consists of former Military Personnel and Certified Debt Arbitrators our aggressive approach to slashing your debt is one that is embedded in our entire team. Our Mission Statement is simple. "Treat the client like a king and destroy their debt with all our might". Our simple approach ensures that you know we value you and that we are here to see after YOUR interests.debt with all our might". Our simple approach ensures that you know we value you and that we are here to see after YOUR interests.

Debt Settlement

Rely on one of the best debt settlement companies in the industry, Practical Debt Relief, for your debt settlement help. Our Program offers a simple & realistic approach to helping the average American facing the debt crisis. With our highly experienced staff of and credit counselors we want to partner with you during your time of need. We understand that there are unscrupulous companies out there and that’s why we want to educate you about the process along the way. Making an informed decision is important for you and your family and that’s why Practical Debt Relief is leading the industry in helping consumers become debt free.

Credit Card Debt Negotiation

In order for somebody to qualify for Credit Card Debt Negotiation otherwise known as Debt Relief an individual must have a legitimate financial hardship. A creditor defines somebody with a financial hardship as somebody who is paying 20% or more of their monthly take home to unsecured debts or somebody who after taking a detailed budget is at or near a deficit at month's end. Once we prove to the creditors that you have a financial hardship, an individual would only be responsible to pay a portion of what they owe*.  We strive to be one of the best debt negation companies you can find, which is why we do whatever we can to ensure you get out of debt.

Debt Relief Help

Before filing for bankruptcy, it's always wise to search for alternative Debt Relief options. Unlike many Debt Relief Companies, Practical Debt Relief  offers multiple Debt Relief  alternatives that are less severe than a bankruptcy discharge on your credit report. We have Debt Relief Help programs that either allows you the opportunity to take advantage of a credit card debt settlement or consolidate your debt into one lower monthly payment. It really depends on your individual financial circumstances. Contact a debt relief specialist today to see what program is most beneficial for you and your family.

Debt Reduction

Are you currently experiencing a legitimate financial hardship and need answers regarding the debt reduction program to see if Debt Settlement is a good financial choice for you? It is possible to pay back only a percentage of the debt you owe through our Debt Reduction program. You'll be happy to know that we offer Debt Settlement Help with No Upfront Fee's until we can actually show you a significant savings. This is a recent ruling by FTC.gov that helps protect consumers from unscrupulous Debt Reduction companies offering services that they can’t provide successfully.  Rely on one of the top debt settlement companies in the industry, Practical Debt Relief, for debt settlement help.

Debt Help

Millions of Americans feeling the credit card crunch feel compelled to start the search for Debt Help. The problem is that many consumers don't really understand how a debt settlement company works. Practical Debt Relief takes pride in educating consumers and only wants to provide material that will allow Americans to make an informed decision. Don't wait until the last second and allow creditors to begin the legal process. When dealing with creditors and your finances it’s imperative to do your research so you’re able to remain in the driver seat. Our Debt Help program offers serenity when it comes to dealing with unsecured debt. Call us today for your Free Debt Help Quote!

Debt Consolidation Loans

Debt Consolidation Loans are when an individual uses the equity in his secured property to pay off unsecured debts. These types of loans were very common during the mortgage boom and unfortunately helped in creating the real estate bubble that burst in 2007. What many consumers don’t realize is that they are effectively trading low-risk unsecured debt for high-risk secured debt.  In many cases Debt Reduction is a much better option for the majority of consumers.

Debt Consolidation

At Practical Debt Relief we understand that Debt Settlement may not be a viable option for everybody. Debt Consolidation also known as Credit Counseling is the process where an individual can consolidate all of their credit card payments into one lower monthly payment. In most cases your creditors will reduce your interest rates from 0 – 9%. This process also helps stop over limit and late fees and can reduce your payments*! If you are looking for debt consolidation help, Practical Debt Relief is one of the top debt consolidation companies in the industry to assist you in your quest to becoming debt free.


Most people faced by the burden of debt usually consider bankruptcy as their first option. What many consumers don’t understand is the serious consequences of this major life changing decision. Creditors and collectors have become very aggressive making consumers sometimes feel forced into this option to stop the harassment. Our Debt Relief program offers an incredible alternative to this option with one affordable monthly payment.








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Case Studies

I first joined Practical Debt Relief in early July of 2009. Before than I use to sit down and just could not turn off my brain and there were many moments where tears welled up in my eyes.  Have you ever gone swimming under water, and just when you get to the bottom, your oxygen starts to decrease and you start swimming towards the surface and when you get there you just gasp the air into your lungs with a sigh of relief? That’s what happened to me when I joined your program.  “You guys are a class act in the industry!”


I am very pleased with the work your company has done and results have benefited my life over and over again. I would recommend your company to my colleagues and friends and tell them how wonderful you feel when a load so heavy has disappeared. They have an excellent staff who really knows what they do. They are responsive, accountable and responsive to our needs and concerns. Their professionalism and ability to work too much too soon and do it good, efficiently and in a timely manner. Read More...

Ismael R.

With your experience, you gave me an assurance that your company could help me in my predicament, sure enough now, from 5 existing credit cards, I only have 2 unpaid credit cards in less than a year. It was such a big relief to know that your company has helped a lot of people who are on the verge of filing a bancruptcy.

Maria T. Beinkampen, Memphis, TN

Read More..


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