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So you borrowed money, a lot of money, to get your degree. And you now find yourself incapable of paying off your loans in full. Well, if you are currently working for an eligible public service organization and are not in default with your student loans, you are likely eligible for student loan debt relief.

Benefiting From Student Loan Relief

Back in 2007, Congress passed a measure allowing those individuals employed in certain public service jobs to have their student loan debt forgiven. There are a few caveats that you’re going to want to pay close attention to in order to determine if you qualify for the program.

Some individuals are not eligible for this program. Those individuals include:

1. Clients that have consolidated before (FFEL is O.K.)*
2. Clients that are currently enrolled in school at least the time
3. Clients in judgment or garnishment status.
*(FFEL = Federal Family Educational loan)

For those still in the running to receive benefits from the program, your debt won’t be forgiven immediately. Instead, 120 months must pass before the remaining balance on your debt is canceled. As such, the first cancellations that occur as a result of the program won’t take place until 2017 (10 years after the bill was originally passed).

In addition to the restrictions above, there are certain types of loans that aren’t eligible for cancellation under the federal guidelines. These loans include:

Loans made by a state or private lender and not guaranteed by the
Federal Government
Primary Care Loans
Law Access Loans
Medical Assist Loans

Until recently, there truly wasn’t any hope for student loan relief. Due to the fact that student debt is not dischargeable, not even bankruptcy could save you from this problem. However, thanks to this law passed just a short time ago, you may be able to have your slate wiped clean.
If you are someone who is currently working for a public service organization and your loans are not any of those listed above as ineligible, you very well might have the change to make a clean break from your student loan debt once and for all. Fortunately, this student loan debt relief is extremely easy to take care of. That means the consolidation process will be anything but tedious for you, and the benefits could be into the $10,000+ range.

Be Rid Of Your Student Loan Debt

This is the chance of a lifetime for those of you who fall under the purview of this bill.  If you’re interested in having your student loan debt eliminated without having to jump through hoops or risk putting yourself in financial jeopardy, give us a call today!

Call 1-888-839-3574. One of our Debt Consultants will be happy to assist you Monday – Friday between the hours of 9:00 am – 9:00 pm EST. You can also call any time and leave a message.

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