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Debt Relief - Bankruptcy Alternative

Debt Settlement, which also goes by Debt Relief and Debt Negotiation, can be your best option as a bankruptcy alternative. Debt has infiltrated every level of our society from the individual to the government. Relying on credit and building credit card debt has become unavoidable for some and a way of life for many. Without question, the hardest hit groups have been regular low and middle-income families. The collapse of the economy sent millions of families back years in their financial planning, and forced thousands into bankruptcy. In fact, bankruptcy filings have surged across the entire country. Practical Debt Relief wants to help you fight back against the creditors without being forced into bankruptcy. After hearing about some of our bankruptcy alternatives, you’re going to walk away a more educated consumer when it comes to Debt Relief options that you may just consider a smarter choice when dealing with your unsecured debt.  We will educate you on several possible alternatives, discuss the differences between certain options such as bankruptcy vs debt settlement and debt consolidation vs bankruptcy so we can provide you with the best possible alternatives to bankruptcy available.   In many cases, there will be no question whether you should file for bankruptcy or debt settlement – the obvious choice will be to acquire some form of debt settlement help.

Why do so many turn to bankruptcy?

There is no question that bankruptcy has become an extremely popular option for thousands of people in the United States. Many of them were caught in a very difficult spot by not having established themselves financially before the recession hit, and having their savings or income snatched out from beneath them. As a result, most turned to credit cards in the beginning to get by. Understandably, they were hopeful for some positive change that would translate into a renewed source of income or the restoration of their investments. Unfortunately, not many experienced that luck. Before long, families found themselves in the hole with $10,000+ in credit card debt. In addition, plenty of homeowners found themselves underwater with their homes and other debts that couldn’t realistically be paid off due to the economic turmoil. This sudden upturn in debt per capita led many to seek Debt Relief in the form of bankruptcy. For some, filing for bankruptcy meant all or most of their debt, and having the ability to start off with a quasi-clean slate. For others, they viewed bankruptcy as essentially being their only way out of their financial hole.  Others were not familiar with the concept of using debt consolidation as a bankruptcy alternative. Unfortunately, many of those that filed for bankruptcy had little idea of all the negative consequences that come with it.

Negative consequences of bankruptcy

- Your credit will take a devastating blow that will last for years
- It will be extremely difficult to be approved for a loan, including homes, cars, and even surety
- Some employers might not be willing to hire applicants for certain positions due to a bankruptcy
  on record
- Any type of financial credibility you built up prior to your filing will be wiped out entirely    

How Practical Debt Relief can serve as your alternative to bankruptcy

The team here at Practical Debt Relief knows the hardships you have experienced that have led you to this point. No one wants to find themselves at a point in which they are forced to consider filing for bankruptcy. However, as a result of some bad luck and possibly some poor decisions, you might have had to. We at Practical Debt Relief aren’t interested in passing judgment on how you got to this point. Instead, our goal is to help you get yourself turned around and guide you on the path towards a debt free life.
We provide several forms of Debt Help, ranging from debt negotiation to financial planning, offering consumers on the brink of bankruptcy debt relief. We will begin by assessing your individual circumstances. After creating a plan that was custom made for you, we will fight on your behalf against creditors to negotiate your credit card debt to a level where you can feasibly pay it off. Once we have finished battling with your creditors, we will provide help in planning your financial future so that debt becomes a thing of your past, not your present.

Our team of certified debt specialists can be your best bankruptcy alternative! Don’t settle for all of the negative consequences you will experience due to bankruptcy. Instead, allow Practical Debt Relief to help you defeat your credit card debt. We can have you debt free in as little as 12-36 months. Contact us today to see how much you can benefit from our alternative to bankruptcy.


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