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A debt consolidation loan is one large loan that is usually taken out of the equity of your house, property or land. This loan is usually paid off between 10 – 20 years depending on the bank and loan structure.

Aside from having to qualify, which takes into account equity, credit score and income, a debt consolidation loan is essentially transferring debt from one form to another. If you miss payments you could lose ownership of your property.  You will also be responsible to pay the loan in full. You are taking an unsecured debt and securing it with your most valuable asset.

Debt consolidation is right for some people, especially those that are not at risk of falling behind on their new consolidation loan and who have the discipline not to charge back up the credit cards that now have empty balances and available credit. However, if you are struggling to make your payments, you should consider debt reduction, not debt consolidation. This way you are dealing directly with the problem, not temporarily avoiding debt problems.

The Debt Consolidation Alternative:

If you’re considering a debt consolidation firm, but are concerned about using your home for collateral or paying high interest rates and fees, then there is an alternative.

With debt settlement assistance from Practical Debt Relief, you can regain your financial freedom and obtain peace of mind in as little as 12 months* -- all without leveraging your assets or going further into debt!

Fill out our simple contact form or pick up the phone today. One of our experienced debt consultants will be more than happy to tell you more about how we can help resolve your financial situation through one of our exclusive debt settlement programs.

The consultation is free and there’s absolutely no obligation.

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I didn’t think it was possible to cut my debt by over half. The stress of the phone calls and loss of credit was causing my blood pressure to skyrocket. Now, I feel much more relaxed and know I am on the plan to success. Thank you Practical Debt Relief.
Bill, Florida

Thanks for your hard work and being so patient with my Crazy Debt Situation. I am sleeping better at night because of you.
Nathan, New York

I never knew I had so many options when it came to handling my debt. Thank you Practical Debt Relief for taking me through the process and caring for my situation. The results are fast and impressive.
Kristi, California


debt relief houston

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