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According to www.mainstreet.com, the total national debt is $12,096,533,127,369.44, with the U.S. population estimated to be 307,449,598, which average out to be about 39,000 per person.

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Practical Debt Relief does not offer or constitute legal advice. For legal advice regarding your situation, please contact a licensed attorney in the state of Alabama.


          According to QuickFacts.Census.gov Alabama’s estimated population is 4,708,708 (2009). According to a report released by TransUnion in 2008, Alabama was the third state in the US with the highest amount of credit card debt per borrower--$2,015. Alabama is not considered a community property state, meaning that in case legal action is initiated, one spouse cannot be garnished for another spouse’s debt. Statue of Limitation in Alabama, according to Legislature.State.AL.us, is 3 years for open accounts and 6 years for a written contract account, meaning that a creditor can initiate legal action against a debtor and obtain a judgment within 3 to 6 years of entry of default accordingly. However, if the creditor has obtained a judgment against the debtor, it is valid for 20 years and can be renewed thereafter. A Judgment allows the creditor to attach assets to it, e.g. 25% of disposable monthly income, property lien, and bank account garnishment. When a judgment is obtained, it can also accumulate interest at a maximum rate of 12% per annum. Even though the prospect of being sued by a creditor is scary, there are still options for consumers:

       Settlements can still be negotiated at any stage of the legal process in most cases. You should have a licensed arbitrator representing your interest while negotiating to make sure that you not only receive the best settlement deal, but also that everything is done properly during the process, you are in possession of all necessary paperwork and the creditor does not pursue you for the remaining balance.

       Another option is to try and fight your creditor in court. According to Newsaic.com, 97% of the cases never make it to trial. The vast majority of them result in default judgment, meaning that the defendant has not responded/failed to respond correctly. For this reason its imperative to answer all lawsuits, and to answer them correctly. Even though we do not provide legal advice, our company’s research department is able to provide clients with sample and research material to make sure they can answer the Creditor’s claim correctly and are knowledgeable enough to represent themselves in court.

       Another option in resolving a case is to handle the dispute through private binding arbitration. Most of the creditors’ agreements have an arbitration clause, which states that any party may elect to resolve a claim through binding arbitration. This will force a creditor to withdraw a court litigation case according to the Bank’s cardholder agreement. It’s a very costly option for a creditor to pursue, which often contributes to their willingness to negotiate a lower settlement. Our agents are happy to provide our clients with more research information regarding this matter as well.

No matter how complicated your financial situation, our Alabama Debt Settlement program is an effective and cheaper option in reducing your unsecured debt. You end up paying back only a percentage of your unsecured debt, which can save you nearly half of what you currently owe to your creditors. You will also not have to ever pay a penny of interest on this debt ever again, which more than doubles your potential savings. While you’re on your way to financial freedom, our skillful and certified agents will guide you through the entire debt settlement process, making sure its as convenient and stress-free as possible. Just follow us to our TESTIMONIAL PAGE to see what our clients have to say about us.

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I didn’t think it was possible to cut my debt by over half. The stress of the phone calls and loss of credit was causing my blood pressure to skyrocket. Now, I feel much more relaxed and know I am on the plan to success. Thank you Practical Debt Relief.
Bill, Florida

Thanks for your hard work and being so patient with my Crazy Debt Situation. I am sleeping better at night because of you.
Nathan, New York

I never knew I had so many options when it came to handling my debt. Thank you Practical Debt Relief for taking me through the process and caring for my situation. The results are fast and impressive.
Kristi, California


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