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California was estimated to have a population of 36,961,664 in 2009 according to TransUnion released its courtesy quarterly report for 2010, which lists California as #17 on the list of states with the highest credit card debt average of $5,299.00 per person. Nowadays, when the consumer defaults on their debt, creditors might take a pretty aggressive approach to collect the full balance by submitting their claim to court for litigation. Since the vast majority of the population will not respond to a lawsuit correctly or even answer the claim at all, the chances of a creditor obtaining a default judgment are very high. If your one of the millions who do not know how to eliminate your debt quickly or how to fight your creditor in court, consulting a professional Debt Negotiation company is probably a good idea. Debt Settlement is always an option to consider if you are overwhelmed by your unsecured debt, such as credit cards, department store cards, pay day loans, medical bills and unsecured personal loans. You should never abandon your debt because you cannot handle your monthly payments without first seeking Debt Help and other Debt Relief options. If your creditor takes you to court and wins a judgment, which, according to, is valid for 10 years and is also renewable in CA, they will then be able to attack your wages, place liens on your real property and/or wipe out and freeze your bank account. Judgments can also accumulate annual interest of up to 10% or what is permitted by contract if there is one. Since California is a community property state, according to, your spouse can be garnished for your debt as well, even if they are not a co-borrower. A creditor is able to garnish up to 25% of both spouses’ disposable income for each pay period. In California the time period for a creditor to initiate a lawsuit, also called Statute of Limitations, is 4 years for open accounts such as credit cards, 2 years if there is no written agreement and 4 years for written contracts upon entry of default. If creditors try to sue you outside that timeline, the lawsuit can be dismissed due to expired statute of limitations. If you require debt relief with your unsecured debt, always have knowledgeable and licensed debt arbitrators while negotiating with your creditors. Practical Debt Relief will act in accordance with strict protocol and follow all necessary steps, so the creditors/collectors do not pursue you for the remaining balance. So what are the options if the creditor has already initiated a lawsuit?

One or more of the following can be done:

Option 1: Obtain immediate credit card debt help!

Credit Settlements can be negotiated at any time, regardless of your account’s status. The difference is often the settlement deal itself. It is best to have an experienced third party debt negotiator working for you. Many consumers try the “do-it-yourself” approach, and then find themselves accepting 80% settlement offers, mostly paid instantly or within a very few months. This is almost the same thing as paying your creditor in full when you first missed a payment. Consider all the late fees and finance charges added since you stopped paying, plus legal fees. Your creditors know that just the mere thought of being sued or having your wages garnished scares you, and they will push all the right buttons to make you agree to their terms. Our agents, however, know how to handle these cases and negotiate a much lower settlement with your creditors. They will also make sure that all the necessary paperwork is gathered during the negotiation process in order to prevent the creditors from going after the remaining balance later on down the road.

Option 2: Ignoring The Problem & The Prospect Of A Potential Lawsuit.

While this is one of the most common things borrowers do, it is highly recommended to answer the lawsuit to avoid a default judgment. Most consumers however, end up not answering creditor’s claim due to fear, which arises from lack of knowledge about the process. Most hope and pray that the problem will somehow just go away. This is the worst thing one can do, especially if you’re employed, because you just “handed” your creditor the right to garnish wages right out of your paycheck. Once your account goes to court, a creditor’s worst enemy is an educated consumer who can fight back which is most likely someone represented by an educated team of professionals.

Option 3: Fighting your creditor in court.

This can become very tricky because answering the lawsuit correctly is what’s most important. According to, 97% of cases never make it to trial. Most of these lawsuits are simply getting ignored, and out of those that have been answered the majority were not answered properly and resulted in an immediate default judgment. When banks attempt collection through litigation, they understand the chances of a consumer answering their claim for money is extremely low. Learning the entire procedure and all applicable laws in order to answer within the given dead line is nearly impossible for most people. Let Practical Debt Relief provide you with the tools necessary so you are able to fight your creditor and gain an equal chance of winning. Even though Practical Debt Relief, Inc. is not an attorney that practices law in your state, our experienced licensed arbitrators and research department can provide you with everything you need in order to succeed including information on Attorney’s who practice law in the state of CA California.

Option 4: Binding arbitration.

Most banks have arbitration clauses in their card member’s agreement allowing you to resolve the claim through private binding arbitration. Not only a very expensive process for creditor to participate in, but also a very time consuming one, and one not worth pursuing. Granted of course, initiated correctly by you. Our research department has knowledge about this process as well, and is glad to share it with our clients.

No matter what your current situation, our skillful and experienced staff will give you the help and assistance you need, all the while providing outstanding results and excellent customer service. Just CLICK HERE to see what our clients have to say about us.

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