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Debt Settlement is a program that every person has the option of attempting. After all this is America. However this does not mean that the creditor has to except the offer and that’s why it’s important to understand who should and should not use debt settlement as an option when dealing with their unsecured debt. Basically one should have a litigate form of a financial hardship.

Practical Debt Relief specializes in negotiating your debt with IAPDA Certified debt arbitrators employing aggressive tactics to reduce your debt. Our debt negotiation process has been tested and proven over the years by our experienced team of professionals in the field of credit card debt and finance. We’ve established relationships with these creditors and collectors with one simple goal in mind, settling your debt for as low as possible!

Once enrolled in our debt settlement program our Debt Counselor’s work with you and take a detailed budget to help you better understand your financial needs. After your hardship is proven and documented, your debt counselor then helps you decide on a payment plan that is tailored to your budget. With you’re agreed upon program length determined, we then make contact with your creditors to advise them of your decision to become debt free.

You might be asking yourself, “Why aren’t more people using Debt Settlement? And the simple answer is: they are. Thousands of people across the country have turned to Debt Settlement as a means of getting their debt reduced and cleared in as little time as possible. In fact, the number of people turning to this tried and tested method is increasing. One of the main reasons you might not have heard much about it is that people tend to hide their debts from others, thinking of it as something to be ashamed of. However, there is no reason to be ashamed of getting into debt. It’s an unfortunate misstep that happens to more people than you think. However, it’s what you do about your debt that really determines that you’re made of.

Another reason behind people avoiding Debt Settlement as a solution is that most people are inexperienced with debt. Most of the clients we get come to us with huge piles of unsecured credit card debt that they accumulated under their noses to quickly they had no idea what to do. Many people, due to their inexperience, feel the need to pay back their credit card debt one minimum payment at a time. Though that might seem like the honorable thing at first glance, just take a look at how long paying off $20,000 worth of credit card debt would take, not to mention the amount of total interest you’ll have paid by the time it’s all said and done.

Debt Settlement, put simply, is the most effective way of getting your credit card, business, and hospital debts eliminated in the fastest way possible. What you have to remember is that this isn’t our first time doing this dance. We’ve had many people just like you come to us with the same sorts of debt problems and, with the right mix of aggressive debt negotiation tactics and customized credit counseling, our clients are able to step away from our program debt free. Debt can be a lonely thing at times, but you have to remember that you’re not the first person to go through what you’re dealing with.

It’s also important to take a close look at the company that you’re looking to handle your Debt Settlement case. The sad reality is that there are many companies out there looking to rip you off by requiring huge upfront payments or unreasonable fees. To make matters worse, many of these “black hat” companies leave you in a more negative position than you were in when you began. You need to be able to trust the people that are handling your case and helping you manage your money. Without that trust, you are making yourself vulnerable to financial predators looking to make a quick buck on someone new to the debt world and its rules.

The following is a detailed description of not only our step-by-step approach to handling Debt Settlement cases, but also a description of what can and can’t be taken care of via the Debt Settlement route.

Our Proven Step by Step Approach: Debt Settlement

Step 1:

Call or E-mail us for a FREE consultation. We will analyze your financial situation and determine whether Debt Settlement is a right fit for you.

Step 2:

We work with you to determine the appropriate monthly dollar amount you plan to save towards a negotiated settlement. In most cases, this can be less than your current minimum monthly payments. Scheduled program monthly payments will be saved every month in a special purpose account that you can view anytime online. We cannot access the funds except to pay a debtor or financial institution once a settlement is reached and documented in writing.

Step 3:

Once enrolled in Practical Debt Reliefs Debt Settlement program, we immediately exercise your rights under the FDCPA (Federal Debt Collection Practice Act) in an attempt to handle future creditor communication and help deter the harassing creditor phone calls.

Step 4:

After enough funds accrue to make reasonable offers to creditors, we begin the negotiating process. We will keep you notified of ongoing negotiations. Please note, depending on state laws and creditor balances it may take several months before we are in a position to make settlement offers to creditors.

Step 5:

Once a settlement is negotiated, we initiate payment from your special purpose account. Once the account is settled, we request that your creditors report to the credit bureaus that your accounts be considered “Settled in Full”, “Settled”, or “Paid As Agreed.” This process is repeated with each creditor until you complete our program and achieve financial freedom.

Step 6:

Once all unsecured debt has been settled, we discuss your results and a plan of action is taken. If you are interested in credit repair², buying a home, purchasing an automobile, or any other financial service, we will help you find a company that will accommodate your needs.

Debt Settlement (Acceptable Debts)

Credit Cards:

Typically issued by banks, major institutions, or retail service providers with the purpose of allowing consumers to repeatedly borrow money at a hefty interest rate.

Collection Agency Debt:

Unsecured debt purchased by a collection agency usually for pennies on the dollar. The collection agency then has their collectors attempt to collect that debt at a much higher percentage using intimidation tactics and procedures.

Unsecured Debt:

Debt not secured by any type of collateral or asset.

Business Debt:

Debt where the business entity is acting as the “Debtor” therefore assuming liability.

Medical Hospital Bills:

Debt usually owed to a hospital or Doctor after a procedure or visit not covered by insurance. These types of debts are very common in debt reduction programs.

Auto (Repo):

Once a vehicle is in default and is therefore repossessed the lending company no longer has property to recover from the “debtor”. Once the lending company sells the collateral they attempt to recover the difference lost from the “debtor”. In this situation the debt is now “unsecure” and qualifies for the debt settlement program.

Student Loans:

Federally guaranteed loan designed at a lower interest rate.

IRS Debt/Taxes:

Debt owed to the IRS for past due personal or business taxes. .

Debt Settlement (Unacceptable Debts)

Home Loan/Mortgages:

Secured by collateral and not eligible for debt negotiation.

Utility Bills:

Past due utility bills like water, electric, heat, gas, ECT.

Car Payments:

Past due car payments still secured by a vehicle.

We can settle
  • Student Loans
  • IRS Debt/Taxes
  • Credit Cards
  • Collection Agency Debt
  • Unsecured Debt
  • Business Debt
  • Medical Hospital Bills
  • Auto (Repo).
We cannot settle
  • Home Loan/Mortgages
  • Utility Bills
  • Car Payments

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