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Debt Reduction, also known as Debt Negotiation or Debt Settlement is a tactic used by our highly trained Arbitrators to assist consumers in eliminating high interest credit card debt.  Of the countless debt reduction companies out there, Practical Debt Relief is the leader in debt settlement reduction solutions. If you're beginning to feel the pressure of too much credit card debt and see yourself falling past due in the near future, you owe it to yourself to get information on credit card debt relief and consider getting debt reduction help. When you speak with our debt specialist you’ll know that we're here to look after your best interest and provide you with debt reduction services that will accommodate your specific needs. After all we just want to arm consumers with the information necessary to make an educated decision when it comes to Debt Reduction. Our staff will work directly with your creditors on your debt reduction negotiation to eliminate your entire debt in either 1 lump sum or in some cases over 36 months*. All you have to do is contact us for a free debt consultation to discuss the benefits of debt reduction.

Credit Card Debt Reduction provides tremendous relief for consumers drowning in high interest credit card debt. In the past people seeking debt relief options turned to bankruptcy to eliminate the growing debt loads. Credit Card Debt Reduction gives you the option of eliminating that same debt amount in the shortest period of time possible without suffering from the long lasting repercussions of bankruptcy. These days the creditors don’t want you to know about this option and that it’s been around for a very long time. In fact, the creditors are the same ones who invented the program. See how you can benefit from this debt relief option by speaking with a debt counselor today.

Debt Reduction Approval Process:

Step 1: Speak with a debt specialist to see if your hardship is a sufficient reason to be applying for debt reduction.

Step 2: Allow our friendly staff to take a detailed budget to see what type of repayment plan you can afford without experiencing the burden of high interest credit card debt.

Step 3: Chose a start date and gather most recent statements along with voided check for the bank in which payments will be made from.

Step 4: Complete enrollment package and begin journey to debt freedom!

The Pro’s and Con’s of Debt Reduction.

When it comes to any debt relief option we suggest you get to know all the details. After all, it is a major decision and could affect your lifestyle for a long time. We believe that after you learn about debt reduction and how it can change your spending habits, you’ll be on your way to financial freedom in no time.

The Benefits of Debt Reduction:

  • 1 Low Monthly Payment!
  • Reduction of your entire unsecured debt amount!*
  • Reduce those annoying creditor phone calls!
  • No credit checks!
  • Avoid Bankruptcy!
  • Eliminate unsecured debts in as little as 12-36 months!*
  • Stay in control of YOUR finances!
  • Cut monthly payments!*
  • Feel good knowing that you paid back everything you could afford!
  • Have additional cash flow to pay for the things that make your life stress free !

The Downside of Debt Reduction:

  • Credit score can be reduced by 60 - 100 points or more before slowly beginning to repair itself.
  • Creditors will sometimes sue for the balance to make sure that you pay back a bigger portion of the debt*. Even in these cases the creditors will still be willing to take a reduced amount to clear the debt from their books.
  • Creditors can still contact you in the beginning stages of the program to attempt to collect the debt*. We do however have a device we can provide our clients with that reduce the phone calls and redirects those calls to our office.

Debt Reduction FAQ’S:

Q: Who is eligible for Debt Reduction?

A: Anybody that has a legitimate hardship and over $5,000 in unsecured debt qualifies for debt reduction. It’s important to understand that the more extreme the hardship, the more the creditors will be willing to work with us. For this reason it’s important to work with a debt settlement professional who can provide debt reduction services that can point out the facts and prove the strain the debt is contributing in your everyday life.

Q: What happens if I miss a payment while enrolled in the Debt Reduction Program?

A: Unlike debt consolidation programs you are not penalized for missing your regularly scheduled monthly payments while enrolled in the debt reduction program. At Practical Debt Relief we urge our clients to put forth their best effort at making all their scheduled monthly payments and on time. Once a debt settlement reduction is reached with a creditor, it’s imperative that payment arrangements are met. In most cases we negotiate accounts over a period of a few months and if any one of those payments is not made then the process begins all over again. This can be heartbreaking for consumers under financial strain so we urge that payments are not missed. Please contact a debt specialist for more information on this matter.

Q: How far do my credit cards have to be past due before my creditors will be willing to settle?

A: In most cases, in order to obtain the best settlements we wait till the account is in pre charge off status before making offers to settle. This is generally around the 90-120 past due mark. Most creditors rather just clean the debt off of their books, and therefore offer aggressive percentages around this time. Depending on our clients budget this can vary based on payment schedules and debt reduction repayment terms. For best results, we suggest credit card debt relief repayment terms of 12-36 months*.

Q: What if I have unsecured debt from years ago that I have no record of?

A: Tons of consumers experience this problem and our friendly staff would be more than happy to assist. Below we have provided a link that will allow you to receive a FREE copy of your annual credit report. Our debt specialist would be more than happy to walk you through this process for individuals with slow or no internet access. Please contact a specialist at 888-839-3574.

Get Your Annual Credit Report


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