Dear practical debt relief and staff,
I've tried them all and I will not name any names; but I kept on getting tangled in a web of confusion, it all stopped when I found out about you.  You were straight forward and gave me the bad, the good and the ugly.  I value that in a company.  Now and days you can never get that service because what they care about is the $$$$$.  How about honesty and integrity? How about caring and being compassionate?  I now believe in Angels because you were mine. “You didn’t fall short of anything that I was told and what you were going to do." Gracefully thankful.


Thrilled to have chosen Practical Debt Relief,
The Flores Family


To Whom It May Concern,

I enrolled with Practical Debt Relief in March 2010, shortly after separating from my wife. After the separation, my entire financial situation changed, and I had no idea what I was going to do. That was when I found Practical Debt Relief and I was saved! They negotiated all of my past due credit accounts and helped me get out of debt. I would have ended up spending thousands more than I needed to if it hadn’t been for them. Or even filing for Bankruptcy. They know the meaning of customer service too. They don’t forget about you once you enroll, and they are always there to answer a phone call or an email. They truly are a lifesaver, and I couldn’t have asked for better out of my debt settlement company.

Joe Smith,
Robinson, IL


Wow, where do I begin… I think it was fate that I found Practical Debt Relief when I did. I was bounded with all my debts causing me to also have home life issues. Financial stress is so hard because it affects you and your loved ones. With a little sweat on my end and your methods, I was able to raise my score by 10 points even before completing my program. Each time one of my accounts was settled it was reported to the credit bureau within 30 to 45 days. You services are very detailed and you are very diligent in responding to your needs.

I want you to know that I am often promoting your company with friends and colleagues who have found themselves in the same situation.

Amazed and highly thankful!



Daniel and PatriciaI’m bragging on how fabulous practical debt relief is. I want to pass on a lot of thanks to the entire staff and their patience with us. You walked me through the process and held my hand along the way. You were available to our needs each time we called and straight forward honest. It should also be noted that we went into this program feeling skeptical and within a month of being in with you we saw the difference because the calls just stopped. Whoo Hoo!!!!

Daniel and Patricia,
Selma, California


No other company I know of goes to such great lengths to provide their customers with this level of service... You did that for mr and it is so nice to come home after a long day at work and wold into your house and not be afraid to pick up the phone or check your mail. Your staff is well-versed with a thorough and efficient knowledge of creditors and financial questions.

Thank you for helping me in the place where I am now!!! HOME SWEET HOME.








You have delivered on time and what you promised. You stuck by your word. This is exemplary customer service. I will be leaving a very positive FEEDBACK on your site because people should know about your services and how good your support is.

You stuck by your word and made me very happy!



Willie and Shirley “It’s GREAT to have wonderful customer service to deal with…most of them leave me pulling my hair out, but you all over exceeded our expectations! “  The outcome was awesome; the staff was great, polite and very knowledgeable…getting the work done and all your questions answered.
“I really do appreciate it and you have differentiated yourself as a unique company. Really helping people. Thank you once again.”

The Love Family,
Willie and Shirley
Houston, Texas


I would like to pass on a lot of thanks to Practical Debt Relief for all your help.  You walked me through the process every step of the way and your assistance and guidance proved priceless. You went the extra steps to help me and the obstacles along the way, making all the difference in the world.
Thank you for such an invaluable service.

Momo Vezele
Providence, Rhode Island


louisBy Far the BEST Debt Relief program in the country. Practical helped me settle my personal debt in less than 1 year!!!! Your professionalism and expertise are unmatched. Thank you again for all you did for me and my family, you guys saved me from bankruptcy.

Miami, Florida


I refuse to go about my tasks for the day without first complimenting your office on such prompt and great customer support. For me, it is how well a company sorts a problem out which is a true measure of customer service. On one of our accounts alone, you saved us $15,250.00… that was just one of them. You gave us exactly all the facts we needed and we are glad with our decision to have joined your program. “CUSTOMER SERVICE IS THE STRAW THAT STIRS THE DRINK…A wonderful Service”.

Angela & Robert
Angela & Robert
Mount Juliet, Tennessee


I would just like to pen a quick note to thank you and your staff for all the help you gave me. I found Practical Debt Relief to be HELPFUL, COURTEOUS & PROFESSIONAL; you may be assured that finding all three at the same time is not as common as it once was. “One of the key components of a business is Customer Service and that my friend is the best promoter.”
Many Thanks,

Susan G.
Corryton, Tn.


My husband and I want to thank everyone who help us through some rough times. My husband became disabled and unable to work . We got behind on our bills. Your people helped us to get back in line, and we are now debt free! We want to thank you again and to let people know there is help out there when you need it.

Thank you,
Guy and Debbie


We are very pleased with the quality, attentiveness and responsiveness of your services.  I found your company to be very knowledgeable on debt settlement matters as they came up, and real experts in finance as well in dealing with corporate collection companies.  You were most instrumental in saving us over $11,500.00.  Moreover, your responsiveness to the matters in hand always ensured that the transaction always proceeded just as fast. You became our trusted advisor. 

Genuinely thankful,
Richard & Elaine L.


OMG OMG OMG!!! Thank you SOOOOOO much!!!
I awaken with a better attitude and brighter outlook on what life has offered me. It guides me in making better choices about those things I invite into my life. “I am so impressed how I am soaring to new levels without the added stress."

There are good debt settlement companies. There are great debt settlement companies. And then there’s Practical Debt Relief- on a level far above all.

If you require excellence delivered consistently, if you insist in being fully informed about what’s going on with your program, then you need only to engage Practical Debt Relief to have all those requirements met simultaneously.

I would be happy to write about Practical Debt Relief anytime!

With Appreciation,

Testimonial from devoted practical debt relief customerIn this day and age to find the level of personal service, especially in this world of business, practiced by your company is refreshing. “Can I nominate you all somewhere for a Service Responsiveness Award?”  In all the time, you never failed to respond promptly and stick with me until the issue was resolved. From a totally devoted customer and fan, THANKS!

From the State of Massachusetts, 2011

I found Practical Debt Relief through a search online.  I had no idea what to expect but, the representative I spoke with was friendly and answered my questions.  Debt Settlement or Consolidation is often an option that most people don't consider and my friends had never heard of the idea!  I signed up for a six month plan and they help me set up a separate savings account that they managed for me.  They communicated with me constantly throughout the entire process - even while I worked overseas!

Thanks again and have a Happy New Year because of Practical Debt Relief I will have a great one!

Ft. Worth, Texas


My experience with Practical Debt Relief was extremely good.  They showed professionalism, great customer service and patience from day one.  “Something that seems to have been lost in our fast -paced world”.  We’re hundreds of miles and even different time zones apart, but they never missed a beat and did not fail to keep me completely up to date on the status of my program.

I know I had made the right choice, and uncertainty was dispersed.  The manager which worked with me directly gave me exactly what I wanted—and there was NOTHING that they couldn’t do for me.

In close...I will say that I had some of my expectations met before, and that has always been pleasant.  Even so, to have all of my expectations exceeded by a long way is a once in a lifetime experience and I had mine with Practical Debt Relief.  Thank you for my new-found FREEDOM!

Orr , Mn


Wow, Wow, Wow!
Finally, I can answer my phone without being afraid and I can even start building my credit again. I get the picture you see? In order to get somewhere we have to take risks and most probably hit rock bottom. Perhaps even lose your credit, even go before a judge. Well, it can happen to any of us and I learned that first hand.

I contacted Practical Debt Relief and truly never worked with a company who was efficient and in tune with a customer’s needs and requests. I would email a question and have an answer no less than a minute later. I was also very impressed at the speed with which they helped me turn my nightmare into a thing of the past.

I feel  extremely fortunate to have found them. Their expertise, integrity and commitment to the customer are incomparable to other companies. Rest assured, you can trust Practical Debt Relief, especially in this Economic Crisis our world is in. If you are looking for professional, friendly, thorough, timely, effective, and EXCELLENT service, Practical Debt Relief is the one for you.


Three years ago I went through a divorce after a 21 year marriage and not by my choice, he met someone.  Shortly after, I was one of a few who were let go of a high paying job due to the economy and company budget.  Due to the divorce agreement, I was stuck with 3 credit cards. One in the amount of $24,000.00 after a previous remodel on the kitchen.  Needless to say, I was panicked! Especially knowing I had only 4 years to remain in my home until my youngest child turned 18 years of age.

A person from Practical Debt Relief called me one day and I listened to the program on how to get my credit debt resolved. I made friends with the person assigned to me, she always returned my calls and guided me answering questions through the process.  I am happy and relieved to say after two years, I am now credit card and debt free without having to file bankruptcy or pay for many years down the road.



PatI first joined Practical Debt Relief in early July of 2009. Before than I use to sit down and just could not turn off my brain and there were many moments where tears welled up in my eyes.  Have you ever gone swimming under water, and just when you get to the bottom, your oxygen starts to decrease and you start swimming towards the surface and when you get there you just gasp the air into your lungs with a sigh of relief? That’s what happened to me when I joined your program.  “You guys are a class act in the industry!”

Every step of the way you showed concern by answering all of my questions which made me feel that you had our best interest at heart. Your company went above and beyond what we would have expected. 


I can’t say enough about the excellent work Practical Debt Relief has done for me.  They listened to my thoughts and concerns and far surpassed my expectations.  You may not believe me when I say that since I joined the program, my health has improved and that puts a smile on my face and my family’s too.

I wholeheartedly recommend them to my friends as the “full package deal”.  I will most definitely enjoy holidays and welcome the New Year with “Big Cheers”!!

Carol G.
Soddy Daisy, Tn.


Angel Huertas Testimonial

I am very pleased with the work your company has done and results have benefited my life over and over again. I would recommend your company to my colleagues and friends and tell them how wonderful you feel when a load so heavy has disappeared.
They have an excellent staff who really knows what they do. They are responsive, accountable and responsive to our needs and concerns. Their professionalism and ability to work too much too soon and do it good, efficiently and in a timely manner.


Thanks again!.

Angel Huertas
Ismael R.

My name is Donna Hopp. I am just sending a note to say Thank you for the help that one of your employees had assisted us with, to clean up and resolve a debt problem. Melissa is a great ASSET to Practical Debt Relief. When ever asked a questions or we needed help she would always answer with a clear and simple answer that we would understand. She was always polite, customer friendly, and responded very quickly to our needs. We had taken over the debt problems from someone else and we were willing to clean up the accounts and end this mess. Melissa was the one that instructed us what we needed to do and she did a very outstanding job in cleaning the accounts.

I hope Practical Debt Relief knows that you are very fortunate to have am employee this valuable.

I would recommend this company to any one if in need.

Thanks again.
Gerald and Donna Hopp

I started out a little over a year ago at 30K plus in credit card debt. I honestly thought I would go to the grave with this debt! I was actively calling all of the credit card companies in hopes of lowering my APR thus, lowering my payments. I got the standard answer….”there is nothing available right now but you can call back in six months and check again” story. It wasn’t until I spoke with one company in particular that told me about using a Debt Relief company. He said that they would not negotiate with me but they would deal with a Debt Relief company. I immediately started googling debt relief companies and came across Practical Debt Relief. I read about the company and requested more information. I received a call the next night and spoke with someone for over two hours! She explained in great detail on how the program works, gave me an estimate of how long it would take to be out of debt. I started back in March of 2010 and will be finished in December of 2011! Unbelievable!

Practical Debt Relief showed me a light at the end of the tunnel and I will be forever grateful for all of the support that was given to me. I am a 56 year old woman that could not see any retirement for me in the future. That all changed with Practical Debt Relief….I have already set up future contributions to an IRA….what a relief…I’m finally paying myself instead of a credit card bill! Hats off to Practical Debt Relief!

Marilyn N
Warren, MI

Debt Settlement Client

I'm Maria T. Beinkampen from Memphis, TN. I'm one of the many that experiences the economic crisis. I have maintained more than 5 credit cards. I have these credit cards for years. I never have a problem paying the minimum payment, until my ex-husband lost his job. He has helped me a lot in the past by sharing something raising my son and keep up with my living expense. Everytime I miss one payment the credit card companies will increase the penalty charges until I'm paying over 18% to 29% on most of my cards. I could hardly put my head above water, living paycheck to paycheck. I did not opted to file a bancruptcy, because I'm still willing to pay the credit card companies some of what I owe. I feel that I paid them all already, summing up all the charges that I paid in the past.

One day, I was so desperate to get some help of any kind to consolidate my bill. I was listening to the radio and heard about a Debt Relief Program. I heard a telephone number to call if an individual owes over $10,000.00 in credit cards. I did not hesitate to call the number even knowing that there's scam everywhere. I prayed that I will be guided to an honest company who can help me solve my problem. When I called, I have spoken to Gabriel from Practrical Debt Relief, who gave me so much ideas of the pros and cons going thru in this program.

I have numerous phone calls, threats from different collection agencies, when I started, I was frightened of what's gonna happen. I called and talked to somebody in your office particularly you Tetyana, who relieved me with my fears. With your experience, you gave me an assurance that your company could help me in my predicament, sure enough now, from 5 existing credit cards, I only have 2 unpaid credit cards in less than a year. It was such a big relief to know that your company has helped a lot of people who are on the verge of filing a bancruptcy.

I have given your numbers to different people already, knowing that you could be trusted base on my experience.

Thank you all for your great help and support! More power to you all!


Maria T. Beinkampen
Memphis, TN

I highly recommend Practical Debt Relief. Why? What I experienced was high quality professionalism, a deep and sincere interest in helping me resolve my situation, a friendly association, and a sincere interest to keep me up-to-date and informed throughout the process. You clearly demonstrated professional integrity. I am well satisfied.

Harlee Holbrook

Practical Debt Relief,

A little over a year ago my husband and I had 2 major credit card bills that we were having difficulty paying the minimum payment on. In June of 2009 I received a phone call from your company about settling our debt with Discover and Citi Bank. Although I was Leary at first, I took the time to listen to one of your specialists,and now just over a year later our big debt has been settled. I would like to praise one of your specialists Tetyana Karnaukhova for all of her hard work on resolving our debt. She was always there for us, day or night and she was always keeping us informed through e-mails or phone calls. Most importantly when we panicked she was there reassuring us that things would be alright and that was what we needed during this very stressful time. After a court summons and many stressful phone calls Tetyana worked with us until she settled for what was in our account. I am so happy by what she has done for our family and we will recommend Practical Debt Relief to anyone who is experiencing financial difficulties.

Michael and Nicole Stapleton

Practical Debt Relief has been the best decision for helping me get out of the financial bind I got in.  With their kind and knowledgeable staff they have helped me resolve one credit card company that was breathing down my neck wanting there money by telling me not to worry we got it handled, and they sure did!.  There now helping me with another creditor that’s using a court summons to make me feel like I got to pay now, but again Practical Debt Relief is coming through by telling me to be patient and they will help me resolve this one.

Tom P.

“At first I thought it was too good to be true, but now I am a true believer and will refer anyone I know to your company. You truly got these debts off my back and stopped the creditor phone calls which was driving my husband and I insane. Thank you so much. You guys are true professionals of your trade!”

Anna C.
“Thank you for your honesty and hard work. I never thought I would pay off my debts in this lifetime! Thanks to you I can sleep better at night knowing that I fulfilled my obligations with my creditors and saved a ton of money in the process.”

Mark H.

Yall the greatest bunch of people down in Florida, I am free from debt,  my credit has improved dramatically,  and I can now buy my dream home.

Thanks a bunch,
James, Oklahoma
I appreciate your help in getting rid of my debt, keep up the good work. You will definitely make a difference in people’s lives!
Molly, Winter haven Florida
Call 1-888-839-3574
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I didn’t think it was possible to cut my debt by over half. The stress of the phone calls and loss of credit was causing my blood pressure to skyrocket. Now, I feel much more relaxed and know I am on the plan to success. Thank you Practical Debt Relief.
Bill, Florida

Thanks for your hard work and being so patient with my Crazy Debt Situation. I am sleeping better at night because of you.
Nathan, New York

I never knew I had so many options when it came to handling my debt. Thank you Practical Debt Relief for taking me through the process and caring for my situation. The results are fast and impressive.
Kristi, California


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